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Notification restrictions in Desk365

Notifications are a crucial part of any helpdesk software. They help keep your team informed about new tickets, updates, and changes in real-time. However, sometimes too many notifications can be overwhelming, leading to alert fatigue and decreased productivity.

That’s why Desk365 offers notification restrictions, allowing you to customize your notifications and stay focused on what’s important.

If you would like certain domains or contacts to not be notified for ticket lifecycle events (ticket created, resolved and closed), you can include them in the ‘Notification Restrictions’ lists located within ‘Contact Notifications’ and they’ll not be sent any notifications.

Note: This restriction list applies only to notifications from the three specific events (ticket created, resolved and closed).

notification restrictions in Desk365

By following this simple step, you’ll only receive notifications that meet your specific criteria, helping you stay focused and productive.

Notification restrictions are a powerful feature in Desk365 that can help you stay focused and productive.

By implementing customizable notification settings, businesses can significantly improve productivity, enhance agent satisfaction, and provide better customer support.

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