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9 minute demo of Desk365 Welcome to Desk365, the modern cloud-based helpdesk solution that can transform the way you

Creating a ticket via email

Submitting a ticket via email is a convenient way to get help from your support

Customizing ticket statuses in your Desk365 h Ticket statuses are labels that help you track the progress of a ticket from

Get notified every time a ticket is created i

Looking for a way to be notified every time a ticket is created in your

Understanding placeholders in Desk365

In the fast-paced world of customer service, delivering relevant and personalized information is crucial to

Configuring Closure Rules in Desk365

When it comes to managing customer enquiries and issues, a well-organized helpdesk system is crucial.

Deleting a category or article in Knowledge B

As your knowledge base grows, it’s important to keep it organized and up-to-date. Sometimes, that

Using Read Only Text field in Desk365 Using Desk365, you can create any number of custom ticket fields that can be

Using Nested Dropdowns in your ticket form

The Nested Dropdown is ideal for organizations with more complex workflows and the need for