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Using Read Only Text field in Desk365

Author: Anand Raju

Using Desk365, you can create any number of custom ticket fields that can be included in ticket forms.

There are ‘Default’ ticket fields like Subject, Priority, Status, Type, and more that are already part of Desk365.

Other than the ‘Default’ fields you can also add customized fields that are more specific to your own helpdesk.

You’ll find two types of customizable fields in Desk365: single level and multi-level.

Single Level Fields: These are fields that have a single level of hierarchy, fields like Dropdown, Text Input, Date, Number etc.

Multi-level fields: These fields have multiple levels of hierarchy. You can start at one level and based on the choice at the first level, the next level will display a different set of fields.

There are two types of Multi-level fields available in Desk365. They are ‘Dropdown with sections’ and ‘Nested Dropdowns‘.

We have introduced a new ticket field type: Read Only Text. This allows you to make certain fields read only for your end-users.

With this ticket field, you’ve the ability to add view only labels to the ticket forms and do more.

Let’s discuss how the ‘Read Only Text’ field will be useful for your business.

Read Only Texts in Ticket Fields

You can display the Read Only Text in two ways:

  • Header – useful to separate the ticket form into different sections.
  • Information – useful to add informational messages in the ticket form.
creating a new read only ticket field in Desk365

These fields are useful if the admins want to create and display just informational text fields in the form without allowing the end-users to type any input in the form.

It also helps when you’ve a bigger form and adding headers to the form makes it easy for your end-users to understand and gives your form a better overall structure.

Let’s discuss an example below. Go to Settings > Admin > Ticket Fields.

Create a new ‘Read Only Text’ field called ‘Please make sure to enter the location code here’.

creating a new header read only text field location code

Choose the Display Type as ‘Information’ and click on the Save button.

Once you add this ticket field to a form, it’ll start appearing in it. For this example, we’ve added this ticket field to the ‘Create Ticket’ form in the Support Portal.

As you can see, it appears as an informational text in the form now.

read only text field location code added as information

Now, if you would rather have the text appear as a header then choose the Display Type as ‘Header’ in the ticket field.

Let’s see how this read only text field appears now.

read only text field location code added as header

You can use this ticket field in multiple ways, like if you want to alert or give a warning to your end-users so that they don’t miss out on filling important fields.

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