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Integrate Jira with Desk365

Integrate Jira with Desk365 1. Create API keys in Jira and Desk365 To integrate Jira

Essential functions and actions

If you’re using Desk365, understanding its essential functions and actions within the tickets list page

Mastering the reply window

The Reply window in Desk365 is quite interesting and has a lot of features embedded

Essential functions and actions

As a modern helpdesk solution, we understand that the ticket details page is the heart

How to enable dark mode in Desk365 Helpdesk

In today’s digital world, where screens are an integral part of our lives, features that

Adding custom ticket types in Desk365 In today’s fast-paced business environment, customer support is a critical aspect of building customer

Creating custom ticket forms in Desk365

In Desk365, you can create and use multiple custom ticket forms according to your own

Customizing the Create Ticket form in Desk365 Creating tickets to raise a support request is usually the first experience your users

Understanding ticket statuses in Desk365

A support ticket will go through multiple teams and support agents during its lifecycle. Each

Using Dropdown with Sections field in your ti

Using Desk365, you can create any number of ticket fields that can be used in