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Understanding ticket statuses in Desk365

A support ticket will go through multiple teams and support agents during its lifecycle. Each of the teams and agents working on the ticket perform multiple operations on the ticket, from replying to the customer to adding additional notes and updating ticket properties, before assigning the ticket to another agent.

Given that this ticket might go through many agents and teams, it’s important to have a property that accurately captures the stage of the lifecycle that the ticket is in.

In Desk365, ticket statuses are a vital component for efficiently managing support operations. They help track the journey of a ticket from creation to resolution.

By default, tickets can have one of four statuses: Open, Pending, Resolved, or Closed. Additionally, Desk365 allows you to create custom ticket statuses tailored to your specific requirements.

What are the Default Ticket Statuses in Desk365?

By default, every ticket in Desk365 is in one of the 4 statuses:

Open – This is the default status of a ticket when a ticket is created in Desk365 helpdesk. These are tickets that your support team should start working on. Whenever a customer replies to a ticket that has a resolved status, it always moves back to open so that you can take a look at it again and fix any issues, if necessary. 

Pending – An agent can set the status of the ticket as “Pending” when he/she has replied to a ticket and is waiting to get more information from the customer. Sometimes, the agent might need additional information or might need some more time to work on the issue, fix, and confirm the solution for it. It can also be used with tickets that are on hold because of any third-party vendor’s dependencies that are not in control of the support agents.

Resolved – When your agents are pretty confident that they have provided the right solution to a customer, they mark the ticket status as “Resolved.” Once the customer confirms that the issue has been fixed, the agent can update the ticket status as “Closed”.

Closed – An agent marks the ticket status as “Closed” when a customer confirms that the issue has been resolved completely. However, even if the ticket has been marked as closed, it will move back into the open status if the customer replies to the same ticket again.

Note: Default ticket statuses cannot be deleted but can be renamed for contacts if needed.

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