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Essential functions and actions

If you’re using Desk365, understanding its essential functions and actions within the tickets list page can significantly enhance your workflow efficiency.

In this help center article, we’ll explore the key features and actions you need to know to make the most of your Desk365 experience.

Adjust ticket display options to 30, 50, or 100

The support agents deal with a high volume of tickets on a daily basis. Clicking through multiple pages to access their open tickets can be time-consuming and inefficient. 

Agents can simply click on the ‘Actions’ menu in the Tickets List page and you can choose from the ‘Tickets per page’ option to change the display from the default 30 tickets per page to 50, or 100 tickets at once.

This gives agents greater control over their workload, allowing them to prioritize their tasks more effectively.

choose the number of tickets to be displayed per page

Convenient pop-up links for 'Assign To' and 'Contact'

Usually agents had to navigate to different sections of the Agent Portal to find details about contacts or agents associated with specific tickets. With Desk365 support agents can now access this information directly from the Tickets List page.

Contact pop-up: By clicking on the ‘Contact’ name field in the tickets list page, a small pop-up menu opens, displaying all the tickets created by the respective contact. This eliminates the need to navigate to the dedicated ‘Contacts’ tab in the Agent Portal, saving valuable time and effort.

view the tickets created by a particular contact

Assign To pop-up: Similarly, when agents click on the ‘Assign To’ field in the tickets list page, a convenient pop-up menu appears, presenting all the tickets assigned to the particular agent.

view all tickets assigned to agents

Sort tickets

Tickets can be sorted in the way that you want them to be displayed. You can sort tickets by created time, updated time, priority, status, and more.

1. Click on ‘Sort By’ at the top.

Sort tickets in Desk365

2. Choose a criteria by which you would like to organize the tickets as shown below.

sort tickets in Desk365
Sort tickets in Desk365

Search tickets

You can quickly search for specific tickets by using the search bar and searching using the ticket number, subject, description, or contact information.

1. Click on the ‘Search Tickets’ box at the top.

Search tickets in Desk365

2. You will get an option to choose the criteria by which you can conduct your search.

search tickets according to your needs

3. Click on the Dropdown to choose from the following criteria.

Search Tickets in Desk365

Select column choices

You have the flexibility to personalize the Tickets List Page’s appearance by choosing which columns you’d like to see in the ticket list view and arranging them to ensure that key ticket details are consistently visible.

1. Click on the ‘Select Columns’ icon located next to the Filters, as shown below.

Customized view in Desk365

2. Now choose the column you’d like to appear in the ticket list.

3. You have the ability to rearrange columns by dragging and dropping them.

select columns box

4. Click on ‘Save’. The columns will get displayed in the Tickets List page.

Update ticket fields instantly

On the Tickets List page, you can update ticket properties by clicking on the dropdown menus for the appropriate columns. This is convenient when you need to quickly update the status, priority, assigned agent, and more, without drilling into the ticket details page.

For example, if you need to change the priority of a ticket from low to high you can do it straightaway from the Tickets List Page as shown below.

Update ticket fields instantly

By mastering these essential functions and actions, you can streamline your support operations and provide better service to your customers.

Desk365 offers a comprehensive suite of tools for efficient support ticket management. From sorting and searching to customizing views, creating tickets from the agent portal, enabling dark mode, and exporting tickets, we’ve got you covered.

Require additional assistance? Please reach out to us at help@desk365.io

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