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Updating to a newer version of Support Bot

Periodically, it may become necessary to upgrade the Support Bot to a more recent version.

Using app setup policies to pin and auto-inst

As an administrator of your organization, you can use app setup policies in Teams admin

Customize the Desk365 Teams Support Bot

Desk365 Teams Support Bot is used by your Contacts (customers/users/end-users/employees/ students) to create tickets, check

Create recurring tasks using Power Automate

Are you tired of manually creating tickets in your helpdesk for repetitive tasks like printer

Agent Bot commands in Teams

Desk365 Agent Bot works with a few commands. These can be selected or entered as

Support Bot commands in Teams

Support Bot works with the commands below: create: Initiate a new request with our support

Creating a ticket via Support Bot

Desk365’s Support Bot enables your end-users to create support requests directly from Microsoft Teams. End

Agent Bot – Setup guide

The Desk365 Agent Bot helps you collaborate and respond better using the power of Microsoft

Support Bot – Setup guide

Bring in the power of conversational ticketing to your helpdesk with the Desk365 Support Bot for Microsoft Teams. Follow

Using original Contact as Ticket Requester in

Desk365 streamlines conversational ticketing for Microsoft Teams, making it effortless for support agents to create