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Agent Bot – Setup guide

Author: Vijay Deepak

The Desk365 Agent Bot helps you collaborate and respond better using the power of Microsoft Teams.

Finding Desk365 in Teams:

Below are the steps to add the Desk365 Agent Bot to your Microsoft Teams instance:

1. Go to Apps on the left of Teams, then search for Desk365.  

teams side bar

 2. Select the Desk365 app to open the description window. 

searching for Desk365 in apps section in Teams

3. Click the Add button. 

adding Desk365 agent bot to Teams

Congrats! You have added the Desk365 Agent Bot to your Microsoft Teams instance. 

Note: If your don’t have the necessary privileges to add Teams apps, you’ll need to contact your Teams Administrator to add the Agent Bot.

Welcome Message:

When the Desk365 Agent Bot is installed, it sends a welcome message. This message provides a quick introduction for your agents and some commands to get started.

installation initial message in the Desk365 Teams Agent Bot