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Checking ticket status in Support Bot

Once a ticket has been submitted, end-users can track its status to see if it has been assigned to a support representative, monitor its progress, and check whether it has been resolved.

These are the steps to take:

Type any command and a welcome card appears in the Support Bot which tells you about the different commands that you can use in the Support Bot.

welcome message in the support bot

Type the ‘status’ command and send it as a command in Teams or click on the ‘Check Status’ button to check the status of the previously created tickets in the Support Bot.

checking ticket statuses in the support bot

A list of the previously created tickets appears in the Support Bot. Select any particular ticket for which you want to monitor the status.

list of created tickets appear in the support bot

When you select a ticket, a ticket card will appear that displays the ticket status, support staff actions taken for that ticket, and allows you to reply to the support agent directly from here.

viewing ticket status for a particular ticket in the support bot
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