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Adding Time Entries to Tickets Using Automation

Desk365’s “Time Entries” automation feature is a powerful tool that empowers and helps agents manage tickets better. With this feature, you can establish a pre-defined duration that will be included in the ticket as the recorded time spent through the automation rule. By implementing this automation, your helpdesk can achieve unprecedented efficiency in issue resolution. This feature provides transparency and control over time management for each ticket, enhancing overall productivity and service quality. 
Let’s delve into the details of setting up and utilizing this automation rule. 

Setting Up the "Time Entries" Automation Rule

Navigate to Settings - Productivity - Automation on your Helpdesk:

Access the automation settings on your helpdesk to initiate the configuration of the “Time Entries” rule. The Time Entries feature seamlessly integrates with Ticket Creation, Ticket Updates, and Time-Based Triggers. It’s important to note that the rule applies only to tickets created after the automation is set up. 

Create a Rule that Matches Your Conditions:

Customize the automation rule to match specific conditions, selecting the appropriate default ticket properties. This ensures that the rule is triggered under the right circumstances. 

For example, set a condition such as “Ticket Form is Support Portal – IT Support.” Trigger the time entries automation when the ticket status is updated, the Subject field contains the keyword “Maintenance Check,” and the ticket status is “resolved.” 


Incorporate the predefined time duration for the ticket along with the notes and additional information if required. The Time Entry will be marked with the date on which the automation is initiated.


Triggering the "Time Entries" Action

When an existing ticket’s status, containing the subject “Maintenance Check,” is updated from Open to Resolved, the automation feature is triggered as per the configured rule. 


The time entries feature offers flexibility and control by letting agents add notes, add additional information, adjust the time spent, and mark them billable for accurate accounting. 

By implementing Desk365’s “Time Entries” automation, your helpdesk can achieve unprecedented efficiency in issue resolution, providing transparency and control over time management for each ticket. 

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