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Filter your tickets with Desk365

Filter your tickets on the Tickets List page. You can apply filters based on the various criteria available within Desk365. These criteria empower you to create a personalized view that suits your preferences.

How to filter your tickets in the Tickets List page

Desk365 allows you to filter out and view a list of tickets that you want to work with. You can filter tickets by created time, SLA, priority, status, groups, agents, channels, and more.

You can find the ‘Filters’ tab on the right hand side of the Tickets List page.

Filter tickets in desk365

For instance, let’s filter the tickets based on priority. If you prefer to focus solely on high-priority tickets, you can accomplish this in the following manner.

1. Click on the ‘Priority’ option under Filters.

Filter Tickets based on priority

2. Select ‘High’ and click on ‘Apply Filters’.

Filter Tickets in Desk365

Now, the high priority tickets alone will get displayed as shown.

Explore your tickets with filter options

You can also set this as your custom view. Learn how to create your custom ticket views with the help of this article.

How to change the filters order in the Agent Portal

Let’s take a look at how you can change the order of filters displayed in the Agent Portal in detail below.

Click on the ‘Change Filters Order’ icon found in the ‘Filters’ menu in the right side of the tickets tab.

change filters order in the agent portal

‘Filters Order’ dialog box appears now. Here, you can change the order of filters displayed by simply dragging and dropping the fields in the order of your choice.

filter order dialog box appears

Let us say you want ‘Agents’ and ‘Channel’ fields to be displayed above ‘SLA’ and other ticket fields, you can easily achieve that by moving these fields to the top using the drag and drop function.

Click on the ‘Save’ button.

The ‘Agents’ and ‘Channel’ field appear at the top now.

moving agents ticket field to the top

Now let’s say you’ve created a new custom field called ‘Issue Type’ and it appears now in the ‘Filters Order’ dialog box. 

issue type custom field

Similarly, you want the ‘Issue Type’ field to appear at the top above ‘SLA’ and other ticket fields. You can easily do that using the same drag and drop function.

issue type custom field appears above sla

Finally, Click on the ‘Save’ button to reflect these changes. Now, you’ll find these fields appear at the top in the ‘Filters’ menu above ‘SLA’ and other ticket fields.

issue type custom field appears in the filters

One more good thing is you’ll notice the same ‘Filters Order’ being displayed in the ‘Reports’ module automatically.

issue type custom field appears in the report

Note: Only roles who have access to the Settings tab can change the ‘Filters Order’. For roles who don’t have access to the Settings tab cannot make these changes in the Agent portal.

Also, once the ‘Filters Order’ gets changed, they get changed throughout all the places in the help desk and also in the Reports section.

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