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Collision detection in Desk365

One of the biggest challenges in managing a helpdesk is ensuring that multiple agents don’t accidentally duplicate or conflict with each other’s responses. This can lead to confusion, delays, and frustration for both agents and customers alike.

To address this issue, Desk365 features a powerful collision detection system that uses sophisticated algorithms to detect when multiple agents are simultaneously working on the same ticket. This system is designed to prevent any overlap or redundancy in ticket responses, ensuring that customers receive a consistent and timely response from the helpdesk.

The collision detection system works by monitoring all active tickets in real-time. When two or more agents attempt to respond to the same ticket at the same time, the system detects this scenario and immediately alerts the agents through a notification banner that appears prominently at the top of their ticket window.

collision detection feature in Desk365

This notification serves as an immediate alert, signalling the need for coordination to avoid redundant or conflicting responses. Agents can then communicate with each other to coordinate their efforts and ensure that the customer receives a cohesive and accurate response.

Overall, it is a valuable feature for any helpdesk that wants to improve the efficiency and quality of their customer support operations. By preventing duplicate or conflicting responses, it helps agents work together more effectively and reduces the risk of customer frustration and dissatisfaction.

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