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Create your first ticket with Desk365

Welcome to Desk365!

Let’s get started on your Desk365 journey by creating your very first ticket. Follow these five simple steps to create a ticket from your Support Portal.

1. Navigate to your Agent Portal and then go to Settings > Channels > Support Portal.

Support Portal in Desk365

2. You can explore the settings to customize your Support Portal. For more information about the Support Portal, you can refer to ‘How to configure Customer Support Portal‘. After that, just click on the link as shown in the screenshot below.

Support Portal in Desk365

3. Your Support Portal will be displayed like this. Now click on the ‘Create Ticket’ button at the top left.

Creating ticket in Desk365 Support Portal

4. Enter your Email, Subject and Description in the Create Ticket form. For example, let’s use ‘First ticket’ as the subject and ‘Creating first ticket in Desk365’ as the description. Then click on ‘Create’.

creating first ticket in Desk365

5. Navigate back to the Agent Portal, where you might see a notification saying ‘1 New Ticket’ at the top. Simply click on that.

Creating first Ticket in Desk365

Ecstatic! Your first ticket has been created from the Support Portal and is now displayed in the Agent Portal, as shown. 

Creating your first ticket in Desk365

You are ready to go. You can customize Desk365 to suit all your needs. To make the most out of it, continue exploring our Help Center

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